Gateways are portals to different dimensions that most people think of as a science fiction universe. But unlike the movies "Stargate" or "The Matrix," portals are not as mechanical or clinical as humans imagine. Their simplistic existence is an undefined science on Earth.

From my observation, portals exist in all environments and their appearance is for most part ignored, as they tend to blend in with the existing environment. But, how invisible are they? Invisibility is a change in energy frequency that seems transparent to the naked eye. Since dimensions are in constant motion, so is the energy field within a portal that reveals a discrepancy within a transparency. This aspect alone is a simple detection process.

For unknown reasons portals exist in various shapes, and they look like floating energy fields with no noticeable border. You could say that they look like a living, thin (est. 1mm thickness) irregularly shaped energy field whose opacity blurs slightly with the surrounding area. So, the question is - would you know a portal if you saw one? To help you understand what a portal might look like, please examine the photograph below.

With basic image editing software, a portion of the image was slightly blurred. Can you spot the area in question? Look closely at the top-middle of the image. Now imagine that the inside area is a semi-transparent animated texture that shimmers and changes as you look at it. That's how portals look from a low-energy-frequency reality.

Before continuing, let's briefly discuss a second, similar phenomenon. If you detect what appears to be a portal, but the semi-transparent texture is not animated, then you may be looking at the camouflage system of an artificial object - a UHEO (Unidentified High-Energy Object). UHEOs, which are also known as UFOs, have the ability of morphing from light into mass, which means that their energy source at higher frequencies is just "light." They use camouflage to prevent detection, which appears as an energy field around the craft/probe. To be more specific, this energy field reflects the background around the object, giving the impression of invisibility. What gives the object away is that when you try to observe it while in motion (when moving left to right or vice versa), a discrepancy within the background is revealed, as a portion of the image appears out of coincidence.

Now, going back to the portals topic, gateways are "natural in texture" regardless of how they were created. That's because they are energy fields comprised of the fusion of two or more dimensional imprints. These energy imprints are important when traveling through the Multiverse, acting as coordinates for cosmic travelers. The names given to locations we know or think are energy imprints can be used to travel across dimensions instantaneously, regardless of distance.

To successfully travel through portals, you cannot take time into consideration since time is a manmade concept; the concept of time must be ignored. Since time is just a human concept, evolution itself cannot be measured in terms of years or days, because it is really just a series of mutations and completions. The duration of a mutational process is irrelevant, given its outcome. Therefore, "duration" is the speed of thought known as "time," and as long as humans give it a numerical value, then dimensional travel will remain a distant dream for humanity.

The reason for mentioning and redefining the meaning of time is because "time travel" is the most imaginative journey conceived of by man. Yet at the same time in the Multiverse, the way humans want to travel back in time is illogical. The paradox of human "time travel" is a fractal, geometrical reality in parallel universes. As such, "momental travel" (traveling to a specific moment in a given reality) is a possibility in parallel dimensions.

Portals to parallel dimensions can easily be created if your knowledge is modular and not linear. From descriptions of witnesses, artificial objects of nonhuman origin first appear on the sky as a flash of light before materializing. Their entry into our reality is just a density change, which is the result of using the energy of thought to travel through a portal located in a different dimension that we would consider thousands of light years away.

Gateways to different dimensions form only when they are about to be used. If you as a Being can use portals at will, then transient realities are only a fraction of a fraction of a second away.

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