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Astral Traveler is an informational Web site that is designed to give readers just a taste of some of the most thought-provoking ideas of our times. Please NOTE that we do not offer counseling or advice, either psychological, astrological, or any other type. We only offer information as it appears on this site. If you want further information on these subjects, we suggest you visit the my book web site, Liquid Mind, or investigate the offerings there, or go to the Links page, where you will find URLs to many sites, some of which explore these topics in more detail.

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Since the intention of this site is to provide quality information blended with visual effects, you may contribute essays based on personal or professional experience and copyright will be given to you (the author). The design and layout of the page where your essay will be listed is copyright protected to ASTRAL TRAVELER. Any contributors to this site will be listed in this section.

Janet Ossebaard - Crop Circles
Nancy Talbott - Crop Circles
Jerry Gross - Astral Projection: The Doorway to a New Dimension
Karen Carter-Seagan - Astrology
Lori Lothian - The Alien Abduction Phenomenon: A First-Person Account
Pasqual Sebastian Schievella - Verifiability and the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis
Shannon O'Brien - Learning How to Read the Tarot
Sheila King - Reiki: Healing Touch
The Venus Project - Resource Based Economy

Please NOTE that is not intended to become another search engine and we respect the beliefs of everyone with no prejudice. Therefore, if you wish to contribute, your information should not instigate racial or religious tensions in the community. The owners of reserve the right to publish any materials they see fit, and to deny the publication of materials they deem unsuitable or offensive. We also deny responsibility for any plagiarism that may occur in information that is submitted to this site by contributors. At the same time, essays submitted should be in reference to the topics covered on this site. We don't accept entries on Wicca or Paganism due to the nature of this site. For more information you may e-mail us by filling out the form below.

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For more information on Danyel's work, please visit the site of his latest creation - Astral Traveler & Multiverse DVDs.

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