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            There are numerous types of projections, which can differ greatly from person to person as our Spiritual Evolvement is an individual experience. Although we might breathe the same air, what we feel on Earth during our lifetime is the effect of an experience that needs to be understood as a personal choice. The laws of mankind are far different from the laws of the Universe.

When dreaming, we project ourselves to other realities and at the same time our Spiritual Self is energized. Sometimes dreams blend into one another without differentiating the time sequence between each one. However, when a dream changes into a type of teleportation, than a spontaneous reconstruction of awareness blends into a self-directing consciousness. Teleportation is basically a method of transportation in which matter or information is dematerialized - usually instantaneously - at one point, and re-created at another. There are many types of teleportation, and later in this essay I'll describe the ones I have experienced.

A common factor of astral projections is the way they end, which distinguishes them from many ordinary dreams. If our dream ends by falling down, flying downwards, going down stairs or something similar which represents the movement of the Astral body in a downward vertical position, then we had a spontaneous Astral projection. Some types of astral projections include trance, meditation, hypnosis, and various natural drug-induced states which are popular among indigenous tribes.

The difference between projections is our activity within them. I Feel or Sense that certain disorders that the medical community diagnoses as a physical malfunction, are in fact a variation of an astral projection. These variations can lead to 'strange' behavior by the person having them.

Now, as we know animals have a sixth sense which gives them the ability to detect certain natural or spiritual phenomena. But is it really a sixth sense or a refinement of the five senses we as humans already possess? This question is still subject to debate. When a person looses one of the five senses we have, the remaining senses are refined to help that person survive. A blind or deaf person is more sensitive to the exchange of energy fields than an ordinary human. Exceptions to this are Spiritualists (not religious) and psychic people whose number represent a very small percentage of the total human population.

The reason for mentioning the "sixth sense" is because animals sense when we have an astral projection or certain so-called disorders. Among of these disorders are Somnambulism and Epilepsy.


This is commonly referred to as sleepwalking. It occurs when an OBE takes place and the Astral Body is liberated from catalepsy, but remains unconscious. Catalepsy is the state or condition of suspended animation and loss of voluntary motion in which the limbs remain in whatever position they are placed. During somnambulism the subconscious mind controls the wandering body.


This is an effect of a nonalignment of the Astral Body with the physical counterpart. It may happen to anyone regardless of health condition. I do not know why (?) it happens, but it occurs when the etheric auric body starts shaking with an effect of separation from the physical body. This will make the body begin to move, twist and tremble, which brings a rigid posture effect to the etheric auric body. The physical body is in a state of catalepsy which causes the etheric body to separate, and the physical body falls into a relaxed state.

Apart from ordinary astral projections that we experience in a lifetime, I personally experienced other types of projections - Interdimensional Projection, Remote Viewing and NDE. The last one listed is actually a common one on earth under certain circumstances.

Interdimensional Projection (IP)

I find these experiences very fascinating as they allow us to witness certain events from above without any interference. When I first experienced this type of OBE, my senses were opened or refined as in any other OBE experience, but I wasn't worried about the everyday commotion or drama below. I could see the lives of people in both states - awake and asleep - but something was stopping me from making contact with them. This something, as I found out through my Guardian Spirits, is the Universal condition that every Soul knows when traveling to other evolved dimensions, and it's necessary for the Evolvement of every individual. The condition is this: Usually, the only time when an intervention or interference may occur is when the present Life of an Entity is in a higher Realm both Spiritually and physically, and the Entity wishes to travel to a lower (less evolved) Realm. An exception to this is when an Entity from a lower Realm reaches the type of Spiritual awareness similar to the Realm above and wishes to be part of it. However, I feel that sometimes a spiritually evolved Entity may chose to have a lifetime on a less evolved awareness which gives that Entity the ability to travel between dimensions. Further information on dimensions Dimensions may be found in the realities Realities chapter in this site. At the moment the human species lives in the 3rd dimension, which is the perception of 3D physical objects.

So far, I have discovered a variety of Interdimensional Projections, including space travel to another solar system or galaxy within or outside the known Universe, and mystical experiences into the past - or time regression (past lifetime experiences) which are as vivid as the present.

Remote Viewing (RV)

This is a self-induced conscious astral projection in which the subject projects himself/herself to a particular location and witnesses certain events. During this type of projection, a person describes through the physical body what the astral body is seeing or experiencing. This may be done under a controlled environment or by oneself, and it can be done by using a pen and paper, or by training your memory to synch in with the RV experience.

RVs can also be used to target ambiguous or emotional information, and should not be confused with Remote Influencing (RI) which is a type of telepathy.

When remote viewing is done under highly controlled circumstances it’s referred as Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). It involves monitors, coordinates, blind to double blind circumstances. A monitor is a person who monitors the viewer during the session, asks questions, and logs feedback. A blind circumstance implies not knowing your target in advance of the viewing. And a double blind circumstance is when both the monitor and viewer have no previous knowledge of the session.

Another version of RV is Extended Remote Viewing (ERV). This type of remote viewing used to access information about hidden targets. ERV, in its simplest definition, is the access of hidden information using an altered state of consciousness.

The danger with this type of conscious projections is that we may experience certain horrors committed on the terrestrial plane which are actual events taking place. These events have a definite impact (usually shock) on our emotional self, and depending on the person it may take a few days to recover our spiritual balance. After each RV session it is strongly recommended to do a detoxification exercise in which the viewer reverses the steps that lead to the target.

Near Death Experience (NDE)

Sometimes during a serious accident or illness, a spontaneous astral projection takes place with a Spiritual message to the Entity (our Inner Self) whose lifetime has reached an important turning point. During an NDE, a person senses that he/she is no longer part of the physical counterpart as he/she floats above the body. Another aspect is the feeling of no pain and of traveling through a tunnel toward a blinding light. Most people describe this tunnel as like a cave or corridor. But from my experience it looked more like a wormhole, because the wall textures were in constant animation. This made me realize that an NDE experience is more like temporarily accessing a dimensional portal, and if you go through then it feels more like an Interdimensional experience.

Some people claim that through an NDE your life is reviewed. Personally I can't say that, as I felt an emotional Universal Re-Creative energy (or Love) and my awareness was enhanced to infinity. I acknowledged the mistakes I've made and I forgave everyone who offended or hurt me in this lifetime or previous ones. Although I've had two NDE experiences so far, the second experience was the Feeling of Bliss at the highest level. An important factor of NDE is the acknowledgment of the Force behind Creation - our point of Origin, or Universal Life Force.

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