Does an ant know that humanity exists? From the perspective of an ant, enormous blobs of organic matter (human feet) seem to swoop in from nowhere, and as the ant gazes upward, the height of this giant creature seems to stretch all the way up to the sky. Multi-celled organisms of gigantic proportions are dangerous to an ant. If ants had the ability to record their thoughts, we would hear stories of living in the land of giants. So, what does the awareness of an ant have to do with humans?

The awareness of an ant is a measured reality (dimension) and part of something greater than themselves. Their dimension intersects with many others, and those in turn reveal a swirling chain of realities that are part of something even greater - an island, a continent, the planet.

The analogy of an ant's awareness simply explains that from an observer, or participant, every dimension is a Multiverse.

From a human perspective, the planetary dimension is undefined because Nature is an adversary. If we create our own reality and allow it to blend in with others such as those of good friends/relatives, shouldn't we realize that we share our reality with all creatures great and small? If we do, then the fusion of dimensions is part of something even greater. But, what could this be? When we send a satellite into orbit, the answer is simple - the planet. This brings us to another realization - planet Earth is a Multiverse whose inner dimensions exist to maintain the wellbeing of the planet. With this in mind, Earth becomes the largest organism unknown and denied by man - Gaia.

When zooming out, the assumed Universe is so vast that humans don't know what to make of it. The possibility of realities far different from that of humans is in a way "infinite," because the variations of energy densities are astronomical in comparison to our comprehension. What we refer as the Universe, is just a reality as we know it.

Actually, the word Universe is a combination of Uni and Verse, which basically mean One Verse. This combination was initially conceived through an ancient and primordial awareness. Since evolution is in constant re-creation, certain human concepts haven't been rethought and because of that these ideas subliminally conditioned the present human into giving a silent, obedient consent into blocking multidimensional reality.

If the Universe is part of other Universes forming the Multiverse, then can we imagine the dimensions similar to our own? When taking into account the Verses of earthly life-forms, then we could literally say that we've never been alone. The dimensions within every Universe form a wave that blends into the Multiverse. The Multiverse itself feels like a fluid reality in which dimensions and universes look like molecules of water tightly packed together.

The Multiverse is a fractal, dimensional reality where dimensions intersect and are parallel to each other. I refer to the area of intersection as "momental interpolation" because that's where you can easily access parallel dimensions from the intersecting realities you are experiencing. Specifics are very important in mapping a destination, and we'll discuss that later.

Energy is homogeneous and isotropic
(it exists everywhere and in all directions).

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