Regardless of whether you are earthly or not, you are Energy. The atmosphere surrounding this Energy is referred to as the Auric Field, and its frequency oscillates very rapidly at shorter wavelengths. This Energy is always re-creative because of the thoughts you have. Because you are directly connected to another energy source, you may co-exist in as many dimensions as you choose to.

However, when connecting to a reality of denser energy, in particular the earthly physical, the energy frequency and wavelengths change to the lower spectrums, giving us unique abilities and experiences. In the case of humans, sharp frequency amplitudes separate humanity from everything this planet has to offer. Do you think that the life-forms on Earth have the ability to sleep, and actually dream?

Do you think that those life-forms know the difference between dreaming and living? While your energy is constantly re-creating itself, in the physical world the body needs to recharge and the sleeping experience is itself a reality. With humanity, this experience has more to do with self rediscovery than living. Most people think that the physical senses are the only guiding system in our physical universe. But, that's only a side effect of the energy you emanate, attract and transmit.

What makes humanity so special? Well, for one thing humans are the only species on Earth preoccupied with their own mortality. In doing so they subconsciously created a dual-reality system that is in constant struggle with egocentric thoughts - creating fear.

Fear, just like happiness, is an effect from a single thought. If the intensity of a thought is projected through a feeling (energy), then materialization will occur through the participants you attract. Every thought you have is an energy frequency you transmit into other realities you wish to attract. In simple terms, every thought you have is a realization in other realities.

In the 20th century the industrial revolution changed the world as people knew it. So, what is preventing humanity from consciously evolving globally and with the planet? The answer is simple - Awareness. Awareness is the input of information (knowledge) of a reality you create. It's very easy to create a new dimension. You just think, imagine and live. You could say that the thoughts are zip files of information that in certain realities travel faster than the one you are part of. And when decompressed (into feelings), the end result is a manifestation. The awareness you have generates the thoughts of inner expansion/growth. The question is whether you are aware of (?) what your thoughts manifest in your own reality.

The paradox of this is that a "safety switch" was created by certain humans who wanted to control the thoughts and power of others. This, in turn, limits knowledge and prevents creative thoughts that could prove beneficial to humanity. Fear is a low energy transmission used in negating possibilities. There is a very big difference between the instinct of survival and living in a conditioned society.

Subtle changes in your thoughts can have profound effects, which in some cases can begin almost instantaneously - whether you realize the changes are occurring or not. A change in thought also changes the Auric field. The knowledge you have can also change the energy spectrum of your Being. Changing your energy frequency to a higher spectrum is as easy as a thought. But the question is - do you know what you are looking at? Can you adapt and become an explorer?

As a human and as a being of energy, your abilities are a creative reflection of yourself. Your communication is much faster than just moving lips. And when combining it with your physical self, your communication gives the impression of multiple meanings. This type of communication is an energy transmission of how you recently or remotely felt in various states or environments.

Your traveling arrangements require no luggage. Abilities such as telepathic receiver or transmitter, remote viewing or influencing, mental teleportation, astral teleportation, regenerative energy transmissions (Reiki), appear supernatural to earth's conformists.

Most current humans are behaving in a two-dimensional way, and from an energy point of view that is the second phase of awareness. However, a fraction of the people allows their "genius" frequency to flow into their created reality, and transform the world surrounding them. In a two-dimensional thought, geniuses are genetical anomalies also known as savants or avant-garde thinkers. But in a multidimensional reality, these people use their thoughts to access parallel and/or different dimensions where their creation is "perfect."

With great knowledge comes great power, and with great power comes great responsibility, but most humans are irresponsible with their own thoughts and actions. The majority of people are influenced by what they are observing, and their thoughts are repetitive manifestations of their thinking. Power is feared because people don't know what to do with it. As a result, exploitation is the norm in noncollective societies/civilizations.

An interesting aspect of humanity is the creation of comparative mythology and as a result, dual holographic worlds were created by the participants. A common language used is the fear of thought... the fear of knowledge... the fear of imagination and abilities (power). Metamorphosing the physical human into a deity always indicated a communication in an upward direction. So, why don't humans when praying or talking to a deity look at the stars? Can you imagine the places where your DNA came from? Or the processes that brought Homo sapiens into life? An increase in awareness enables an expansion of dimensions.

Most people deeply wish for their lives to have a song coming from their hearts, and in most cases they don't know what's needed to achieve that reality. But, can you let yourself think big enough to achieve what you really want? The frequency coming from the whirlpool of the heart energy is a song, which expands in proportion to the expansion of you as a Being. Your light-effect animation, which is reflected in all realities in which you exist, continues to grow like a Sun floating in space. The more you live and understand, the more you want to travel on to other realities or dimensions parallel to yours... or even beyond.

Your energy frequency (light spectrum) changes as you near the end of your physical existence. Your energy is always expanding, and when a certain threshold is reached (which humans call death), you project your energy with the thought of exploring. Your animation of light will intensify... condense in size, and then like a supernova you let go and travel faster than the speed of light into a dimension of different frequencies. What humans refer to as permanent projection is in fact a multi-dimensional projection into a different energy spectrum. As a Being, you never literally "die" because you simply change energy frequencies from one form into another. However, you are always part of the same source. Also, the more you travel the less you will acquire localized behaviors. Journeys of this nature, with expanded or new experiences and where your density is at an entirely different vibration will seem to most to be in the world of science fiction. These journeys, however, can be taken by anyone at any time.

Since physical reality is in constant re-creation, changing "uniforms" is a necessity for evolvement. Whether you choose to have another experience in the same reality is up to you. You have a choice of "hanging around" the current reality, which includes Earth and the astral plane, or moving on. The choice is yours, as all Universes are yours to explore and enjoy.

Everything that you observe
without your physical senses
is vibrational interpretation.

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