The doors of heaven and hell are adjacent and identical.
- Nikos Kazantzakis; 'The Last Temptation of Christ'

            Reincarnation is an Evolvement of Awareness which gives the entity the ability of infinite time regression. The awareness of time Time is an evolvement of experiences that we have. There are no winners or losers as all paths merge in creating a larger one. It's the process where no Being is a Hero but an Entity of an Ancient Vision. When a Being reaches a level of infinite time regression, then progression is inevitable. Esoteric scholars refer to this as levels or worlds - astral planes. They claim these worlds are divided into seven major levels: the lowest is the physical plane, then the astral, and then the mental. Above these three are the causal, devachanic, buddhic, and nirvanic planes, with the order and names varying according to different sources. Each major level is then subdivided further into seven sublevels, resulting in a total of forty-nine levels.

How accurate are the philosophies of man-made religions? Since man-made religions are selective and preach unworthiness, the thought of reincarnation is a form of justice. In a universal sense, justice has no real meaning because there are no laws to be broken. The belief in justice resulted in a conditional life, whose changes and evolvement are strongly rejected for the purpose of maintaining the pattern of security. Through my experiences of various types of astral projections, I realized that interdimensional projections Interdimensional Projections are realized by a Thought, and that through the projection the astral body can instantly reach another reality as real as our present. Our present Life is a reality, and every lifetime is a reality with a different mission to be accomplished. Reincarnation results in "death," which in other terms is the permanent projection of the astral body to a different level of awareness common to all. This process might seem cruel and hard to understand as we look at our individual needs and not the Universal purpose. Grief itself is not something negative, but an expression of Love when missing someone. The term 'Resurrection' symbolizes the superiority of a Being through Divinity status. This brings a question of what (?) is Divinity. Isn't mankind part of the Transcendental Absolute, thus making us Divine Entities? Otherwise, chaos goes in a different direction. Cosmos derives from the Greek 'Kosmos', meaning "order." The Universe is One Verse, and for that to exist a certain 'order' - Cosmos - is required. All Species rely on a common goal, but with different Experiences.

Reincarnation is the Experience that a Being chooses for the purpose of Understanding and Growth. It is a choice you personally make. It has been documented that most reincarnations take place within same family groups. If you choose to have another earthly experience, it is your choice to have an experience within your biological family groups, or be someone in a different culture all together. Reincarnation should not be confused with karma. Karma is an effect and reincarnation is a process. Birth is an effect of the process taking place.

The only thing we take with us when this experience occurs is the feeling we have towards each other - a re-creative energy known as Love. An interesting aspect of Reincarnation is that its time-frame cannot be measured in earth time as it has no meaning to Our Point of Origin. Therefore, when talking about reincarnation, time has no meaning. The number of lifetimes we have is not as important as Spiritual Evolvement.

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