Throughout our brief historical outlook of revolutionary thoughts, man-made religions have many things in common - no centralized structure, each branch is independent, and their commonalities are tradition and ritual. The same is true for any esoteric group, with the only difference being the symbolism they use together with their membership criteria.

One organization that stands out among the rest is the Freemasons, which is famous for their esteemed social, scientific and political members. Freemasonry is organized through Lodges, which were created to provide a level of trust among members. To become a member a person must apply though a friend who is already a Mason, and the candidate is valued by his/her personal merits and not political or religious associations. The knowledge within Freemasonry is reflected by the "degrees" accomplished. The first three degrees are the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. The degrees themselves represent the spiritual journey of a human being. The first symbolic understanding is to "Know Thyself," followed by intellectual growth (arts and sciences). The third understanding teaches that a Mason can never master life until he's mastered death, and the ritual involved is a symbolic death and rebirth based on the story of Master Hiram Abif. To Freemasons, the symbols and allegory used are about building a better human being for the society. So why do conspiracy theorists believe that Freemasonry has more sinister implications?

Mason historians have admitted that it is most likely that within Freemasonry there is a very small inner circle of members with an agenda in mind, and that the vast majority of Freemasons have no idea that this inner circle even exists. The agendas of this inner circle could be responsible for the manipulation of many political and religious systems. If conspiracy theories mentioned the Order and Lodge of subversive politics, then maybe they would have a point to make. However, there is no credibility in vague theories.

Conspiracy theorists claim that they have a laundry list describing the activities of shadow governments, and that Freemasonry is involved. However, when you take a closer look at their claims, you realize that they don't follow logical rules. The wording used is composed of many synonyms that sound like a great advertising campaign for the Vatican and some radical Christian sects. Could it be that some of these conspiracy theorists are promoting disinformation?

If a Christian goes to Mass for the ritual of "… drinking the blood… and eating the body of Christ…," then what does this symbolize? In anthropology, ceremonies of this kind were practiced by some indigenous tribes as cannibalistic rituals. That is, the tribe members had to eat the physical body to inherit the person's spirit. Does that mean that Christianity is subconsciously practicing a cannibalistic ritual? This communion ritual is an inherent thought from a previous evolutionary behavior, and it can be argued that the Christianity of today is the result of comparative mythology. The rituals of current Christianity should only be taken symbolically, and the same applies to those from the esoteric societies. We all know that Christians are not, in fact, cannibals.

The common ground of the Abrahamic religions is the Old Testament. Beyond that there are just different interpretations of a presumed outcome. If "truth" is on their side, then why are they so threatened by esoteric societies? Could it be that current rituals are just re-creations of ancient pagan rituals with different names? Could it be that the seven seals actually represent the seven chakras? What would it be like to walk the streets when the seven chakras are fully opened? Could it be that some of the holy relics are just astronomical objects, or they are just fabrications to maintain control and illusions for a religious purpose?

The power of balanced reason is forbidden to orthodox thinkers, and lately Christianity has been put under a microscope due to its theological loopholes. Part of this is due to the controversial book and movie "The Da Vinci Code," which reveals the power struggle between the Vatican and esoteric secret societies. The most controversial Christian motive is the Holy Grail. What was the Holy Grail? Nobody even seems to agree on what the Holy Grail is. Some say it is the cup or chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper; others that it was used to collect his blood at the crucifixion. The earliest written record of this Arthurian legend is to be found in Robert de Boron's poem "Joseph d'Arimathie," which was composed sometime between 1170 and 1212.

The dates for the Holy Grail don't match either, because the First Crusade was between 1096 and 1099. Since the origin of the Knights Order was French, then we'll have to use the correct language - French. Depending on how you spell the words, in Old French San Graal or San Greal means "Holy Grail," while moving one letter gives one Sang Real, which means "Royal Blood." If the Holy Grail wasn't the cup of Christ, then most likely it was a royal bloodline. It is claimed that it was the bloodline of Jesus, who fathered a child with Mary Magdalene - who was later identified as a prostitute by Pope Gregory I in 591. Although the Vatican dropped these accusations in 1968, the church has done very little to dispel the centuries-old smear/interpretation.

An alternative interpretation to what the Holy Grail could be is the skull of John the Baptist, which some believe to exist due to the confession of Knights of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay before his execution in 1314. Why would the Vatican fear a skull or skeleton as the Holy Grail? In forensic science these relics could belong to anybody. Is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Now, it is true that if Jesus was human and married Mary Magdalene, that would be devastating to Christianity as a whole because it would call into question Christ's divinity. It's ironic to think that the concept of the Virgin Birth was only adopted by the early Christians after they arrived in Rome and saw the statue of Isis and Horus that had been brought from Egypt. Before that time the idea of the Virgin Birth didn't exist. Is there more to the story that we haven't been told? Could the Holy Grail be an artifact revealing the origin of the gods (Eliohim)? If so, then what are we talking about? Stellar gods? Or could the bloodline in question refer to the descendants of the surviving stone masons and not anything to do with Christianity?

The reality about an obscure Masonic secret knowledge that some people think exists is for most part a wishful dream. The execution of the Grand Master Jacques de Molay was a major loss to the Knights of Templar, and much of his original knowledge went with him to the grave. Today there are many sects that claim to be derivatives of the Knights of Templar - that claim the secret knowledge of the ancients. It makes you wonder how many of them are real. It's like with the relics of the Catholic Church that are supposed to be one of a kind. For example, there are nails supposedly used during the crucifixion that are currently on display throughout many churches and cathedrals throughout Europe, which clearly exceed the number that could have been used on Jesus. There are also several churches in Europe that claim to have the cup of Christ.

However, there is a possibility that a small inner circle composed of key members of certain esoteric sects do know something about our existence as a species and not just as reprogrammed creatures. If such a possibility would exist, then why do man-made religions continue to replicate into new sects and engage in hatred and wars? Could it be that the Western religious movements were intentionally created for other purposes? Could it be that members of this inner circle would infiltrate and manipulate other esoteric, religious, economical, legal and political organizations? If this inner circle or consortium exists, then do they know what they are doing? Or are they in the game for the short term.

Conspiracy theorists fear that a New World Order is the ultimate agenda of this consortium, and they point to the back of US $1 bill (banknote) - which was originally designed by Freemasons - as evidence.

According to their claims, the top line (Annuit Cœptis) is translated from Latin as "Providence favors our undertakings." In the middle we have the unfinished pyramid with the "all-seeing eye." At the base of the pyramid we have the Latin year MDCCLXXVI which is 1776. However the bottom line (Novus Ordo Seclorum) has been incorrectly translated as "A New Order of the Ages." The misinterpretation of "Novus Ordo Seclorum" has been intentionally used to promote fear and intensify the polarization of religions. But the correct translation is "New Secular Order," which is the opposite of a religious dictatorship.

Historical and religious distortions have brought so much confusion into the society that nowadays ignorance is bliss. Our history is written by the winners of wars and our ancient history was created for most part by megalomaniacs. Good people seldom get the spotlight because their practical approach doesn't promote shallow marketing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid of Knowledge. Knowledge is Power and people have taken advantage of "information." You don't have to be religious to be spiritual. Regardless of historical pollutions, spiritual truths have existed throughout the ages and enlightenment is not reserved to the very few.


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