It has served us well, this myth of Christ
- Pope Leo X, 16th century

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It is said that "Illuminati" is a word with a thousand meanings, and a thousand twists in preventing enlightenment. Most people associate a negative connotation with the word Illuminati without even knowing its origin and translation. The word Illuminati derives from the Latin word "illuminare" meaning "to illuminate" or "to enlighten." So, are people afraid of enlightenment? Are people afraid to think for themselves and ask questions?

For most part the Illuminati have been associated with spiritual secret societies that want to take over the world. Many skeptical or orthodox people rebuff the idea of the existence of secret societies as a sci-fi concept, while many others instigate the paranoia of a deviant plan for worldwide domination. The truth lies somewhere in middle, meaning that secret societies do exist and their enlightened knowledge is used for unknown purposes.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the Illuminati are taking over the world. If we interpret this literally then it basically means that the "enlightened people are taking over the world." So, what's wrong with this idea? Well, a conspiracy is an agreement between people who want to perform a subversive and in most cases illegal act. When we bring the Illuminati concept into the picture it doesn't make any sense because it's just a generic term used in creating generic ideas. It's like saying that Christianity is guilty for the Inquisition. Everybody knows that's not true since it was only a specific sect within Christianity (Catholic) that performed pervasive acts against humanity. Therefore, associating the term conspiracy with the Illuminati is not logical because the specifics are not included. Generalizing accusations results in ridicule. Specifics are very important. It's not good enough in pointing the finger at the Knights of Templar, for example, since the Order or Lodge hasn't been mentioned.

Most people find it hard to comprehend the vast differences between eras. Obviously, the political map we have today didn't exist 2000 years ago. There is a sympathetic nostalgia with the past, and we can only imagine living there with our current knowledge of social behaviors. If there was a time machine to send people (with no gadgets) back 1000 or 2000 years into the past, the experience would be very different from what most people think. The violence that was an everyday occurrence would provide the initial shock when realizing how brutal that world was. Murders, rapes, torture, slavery, aggravated assaults were common back then. The second shock would be the hygiene (or lack thereof) of the day, with the side effect of contagious diseases that were widespread. The third shock would be the realization that our nostalgia was a one-sided aspect of the era in question. The only common factor between eras is that the world of antonyms hasn't changed, and just because we dress differently it doesn't mean that we are more special or enlightened than before.

What if you traveled back to 13th century Europe and took with you medication for allergies - how would the people there interpret your action if you were sneezing and stopped a few minutes after taking the medication? Would they think it was alchemy or witchcraft - for them, the only possible explanations? You'll have to be very careful when using or explaining things unfamiliar to the residents of that era. At the same time restraining your knowledge would be a very difficult task. Very few small mistakes are allowed in a primitive world. For example, if you started talking about basic lessons in astronomy, you would reveal a heliocentric understanding and that alone would be enough to get you accused of heresy, followed by the death penalty. In a geocentrically oriented society, God created the world in a specific time and manner and anything before that time didn't exist.

Spiritual secret societies have existed from the time people experienced spiritual persecution. Their creation initially provided a safe-heaven for alternative thinkers, and like any club the participants had a common interest. Therefore, alternative thinkers created societies where they wouldn't be persecuted by the orthodox religious organizations. Societies of this kind have existed in all corners of the globe for millennia, and the infamous ones, ironically originated in the Middle East, arising from within the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

The philosophy of the Illuminati is intertwined with symbolism from the subconscious mind. What you see with your physical eyes is not the same as what the subconscious mind sees. In RV and RI (Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) we use symbolism in transmitting "zip" files of information. If the encryption is known, symbols of enlightenment have only one meaning. Otherwise, guesswork has many answers. An example of this is with the word "Amen" that Christians say at the end of a prayer. To most people it has no meaning because they don't know its origin or translation. But to the subconscious mind it's the symbol of "the hidden," and therefore every time we use it we acknowledge that we pray to a hidden god.

Before we debunk the concept of the Illuminati, we must first realign our vocabulary to the symbolism used. The following section provides words and definitions relevant to this topic that have been translated from an ancient language.

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