Planetary Myth: Practical Application

Imagination is the eye of the soul.
- Joseph Joubert

            At the end of the day we all go and lie down for some rest. As we try to slow our thoughts from the daily locomotion, our consciousness slowly drifts into a world of morphing dreams. We dream of self-discovery, healing and the happiness we wish for. But every now and than we have a vivid dream that is so beautiful and powerful, that when we wake up we feel overwhelmed with re-creative energy. We feel that at last we are alive. Dreams like these are very rare and very real. When a dream of this nature falls in sync with other people's dreams, a Vision is born. Dreams Dreams are plural, while Visions are singular.

So, how do we go about implementing a Vision? Especially one that includes the planet? There are more than 7 billion people worldwide, living in more than 193 countries with very diverse moral and religious codes. How can a global Vision encompass a planet where people can't compromise with their own egos? Is this a wishful thinking, or do we have a choice?

When a Vision creates a global movement, a Planetary Myth is born representing the understanding we have both toward each other and the planet that is our home. In real terms we don't have a choice. Either we create the future we want to live for, or as a species we become extinct. The second option has more to do with the self-destruction of our environment in exchange for quick thrills. Extinction is not forever because Earth has been here for billions of years and will continue to do so until our Sun ceases to exist. Do we want to wait until the Sun tells us to move on? At the abusive rate we are going, our world will become like the Outback - a desolate place.

So what does it take to implement a global Vision? Is this another set of "commandments"? If we take a closer look at the 10 Commandments from Western religious texts, we'll see that all those so called "laws for living" are synonyms whose meanings condense into one simple rule - be good. To avoid egocentric theological friction, the Planetary Myth would have to be a child's game. That's right... the new rules for living have to be understood by everyone. Apart from that, local laws would be left to the people to decide, as we live in a spherical world.

So, let's play a game where everyone wins. Let's take a closer look at what it takes to live at peace with oneself and others. The following simple rules can help people eliminate the affluenza epidemic - both physical and religious - that has become the norm for modern societies.

1 Self-responsibility - If you are not willing to be responsible for yourself, then how can you expect others to be? Just because others are greedy or immoral or dishonest, you don't have to follow suit. If you as an adult can't be a good role model for others, then don't expect the next generation to create a better world. Teaching your children hatred or self-depravity will not make a better world. By being self-responsible you realize what god is.
2 Give more, take less - What you give has to be a personal impression of what you would like to receive. If we all give, then what we receive is abundance beyond our wildest dreams.
3 Others first, self last - This doesn't mean to neglect yourself - on the contrary. To explain this simple rule, let's give an example. If you are a tradesman and take pride in workmanship, then you will never loose your job and you'll always be in high demand. Another example would be honesty from corporations - especially megacorporations like oil and energy companies, auto manufacturers, food producers, and chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Another application for this rule is being willing to speak out against the political, religious, and corporate corruption which seems so rampant in our world.
4 Eat to live, don't live to eat - Clear as a bell (from the mini-series Dinotopia released by Lions Gate in 2002 Dinotopia released by Lions Gate- highly recommended viewing).
5 Observe, listen and learn - There are so many people talking, and almost nobody listens. At the same time, don't be afraid to expand your knowledge and share it. Knowledge is Power.
6 Weapons are enemies even to their owners - If you live in fear, you invite fear. To quote Dune, "fear is the mind killer," and the only way to snap out of it, is to think the opposite. Weapons should be reserved only for people who know what they are doing and use such weapons as part of their jobs, such as law enforcement and military personnel. Some exceptions might be allowed in the case of farmers and ranchers. But they, too, need to learn how to live in an ecosystem.
7 Exercise imagination - Producing eco-friendly products from new and recycled materials - some so advanced that most people today think they could only exist in science fiction - would create a new and better world. But wasn't our present technology a science fiction universe to the people who lived in the early 20th century?

The above rules for living are meant for individuals. Just as one raindrop raises the sea, it's the same with the actions of every individual - they can trigger a ripple effect. You don't need a Ph.D. in the "school of life," because we all are enrolled.

Changing the world requires imagination and will. Imagination is simply a re-creative energy that if used wisely can transform our present into ancient history. Will is just a spark for imagination to create the "flow and feel" of change.

Since our current world lacks religious, political and economical transparencies, change doesn't start at the top. Governments with initiatives that would create balanced progress are extremely rare (mostly existing locally - not nationally), and seldom do they succeed as they are constantly challenged by self-centered corporate or religious organizations. Because of that, our societies are based on blame and shame and that hasn't changed for thousands of years.

Therefore the implementation of a global Vision starts with you, the individual.

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