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            Having an astral projection is one of the most fantastic experiences we can have in this lifetime. We can go anywhere, meet everyone and feel the Joy of Life. So how does an ordinary astral projection occur?

Personally, I have experienced many types of astral projections, and I shall describe the basic process which is common to everyone. I will use a practical example of a voluntary astral projection which is the same for spontaneous astral projections. Before starting, please read the warning below.

If you have a volatile temperament (physical or emotional) or if you suffer from any medical condition that weakens you a lot, then this experiment might alter your condition. If you are seeking a healing method, then go to the appropriate page -  Healing Healing. Astral Traveler takes no responsibility of any kind if this experiment aggravates your condition.

First of all, let's create the conditions for this experiment. Previously I had described an example with a glass of water. Well, in this case I'll describe the step-by-step procedure. Are you ready? If not, then take a deep breath and relax. If yes, then let's start:

  • You must feel thirsty before starting this experiment.
  • Place a glass of water let's say 3m (approx. 10 feet) away from where you'll be situated.
  • Create an environment where you'll feel relaxed and comfortable. That means that the room temperature and your position (sitting or reclining) should be right for you. The air should be fresh and clean - room temperature, posture, air and noise - can modify the experience. If you expect visitors or a phone call, then delay this experiment, which doesn't take 5 minutes.
    For the purpose of this experiment, I would recommend for you to lie down flat on your back.
  • Start clearing your mind of daily stress and while this takes place, change your breathing rhythm by slowing it down. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  • You should start feeling very heavy and your body should feel numb (paralyzed). In this state your body temperature should drop and it's very important that the room temperature remains constant. When complete relaxation of the muscular system is induced without falling asleep, you will experience an illusion of levitation.
  • Start thinking (no rush involved) of how you would get up and slowly approach the glass of water. Visualize the process. But don't fall asleep.
  • Continue breathing while this sense of levitation takes place. As this takes place, do not start questioning your psychology, as the Spiritual body knows what's happening and your physical mind doesn't.
  • This sense of levitation will move the Astral Body out of coincidence with the physical counterpart. As levitation basically means going upwards, that's how will your Astral body will move.
  • Continue breathing and slowly visualize getting the glass. The visualization taking place is done in a conscious level, and the Astral body will follow suit.
  • At a certain level the Astral Body stops levitating, and slowly moves into a vertical position as your conscious mind keeps transmitting to the Spiritual Self that your approach for the glass is by walking. Your Astral body may not touch the floor as it's a material object, and the levitation that took place is in the space that surrounds you.
  • At this point, when your Astral body is in vertical position, you may sense something that holds you from the back. You have nothing to fear. This something is the vital line of force connecting the physical body with its Astral counterpart, and it's called the astral cord or astral cable. Try not to feel nervous, as this will cause the cord to strengthen or it can pull you back into the body. Remember, nothing can harm you in any shape or form, and fear is an obstacle in all spiritual experiences. Keep in mind that any type of emotion increases respiration and heart beat.
  • Start moving slowly towards the glass. As you do this, you may feel that your Astral cord is stretching from one body to the other, regardless of the distance between them. The less space that lies between the two bodies the greater is the thickness of the Astral cord, the greater is the magnetic pull, and the more difficult it is to hold the stability of the Astral Body. If you are fearless, you may slowly turn your head to see the Astral cord and your physical body lying down. But, I stress that if you still fear the unknown due to religious or personal beliefs, then continue walking. Otherwise, your cord will strengthen and pull you back into your physical body. If that happens you will wake up suddenly and maybe with a fright or shock.
  • When you arrive near the glass, pick it up and drink the water you wanted to quench your thirst. This doesn't mean that the glass actually moved and the water was spilled on the floor, as thirst is just a human need and not a Spiritual desire. In other words, being thirsty, hungry, cold, hot, or needing to go to the toilet is just a need that creates a habit in physical life. In the Astral plane there is no need to dress up due to temperature, drink, eat, smoke a cigarette, have sex, or whatever we do in our daily lives while still on earth. When we picked up the glass and drank, this was the result of our subconscious mind assuming that our desire was accomplished. If we are hot and conduct this experiment, then when we touch the glass of water a cooling effect is sent through our Astral body to our physical counterpart.
  • Once you drink the water you want, you may return to your physical body by walking towards it. Keep in mind that if you do this then you'll definitely see your body from the outside. If you are still afraid of your duplicate, then just think of returning and the astral cord will pull you back slowly until you are aligned with your physical body. The journey back is the same as during exteriozation. If you panic, the magnetic pull to your body can be almost instant, which creates the effect of shock or fright. However, if you return to your body slowly and wake up dizzy, it's because your Astral body is not bound tightly to your physical one.

For an illustration of a typical astral projection, click here Astral Projection Illustrations.

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