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Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.
- Marie Curie


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Location Astrology
AquarianAge - Astrology and New Age spiritual resource
AstroStar - Astrology, spirituality & more
Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
Angel Valley Ministries - Spiritual retreat, transformation & workshops
Atlas Reiki
Aumara Light And Healing Circle
Colloidal Silver Discovery Center
FrequentSea - marine phytoplankton, ForeverGreen
Harmonic Innerprizes - Etherium gold products
Health Superstore
Ilker Em - Reiki
Kofutu - Personal Development, Meditation, Spiritual Healing
Magna-Pak Magnetic Therapy products and information
Mortology - Healthy life... ageing... death/new birth
NLP Healing and Remote Healing - Holistic, spiritual & self-improvement resource
Reiki Friend
Reiki With Trust LLC - Distance energy healing
Reiki Centrum
Solaris - Medicina alternativa & olistica
Yoga Site
Ajna Spirituality
Akaija - Jewel from the Stars
Akshardham Temple Monument to World Peace
Alloya - Multidimensional chanelling
Angels of Mars
Ascension Network
Astral Voyage
Atlantyd - Le Portail de l'Atlantide et des Grand Mysteres
Axis for Peace
Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies
CarbonNeutral Company
Celestopea Project
Clairvoyant Readings - A population crash resource page
Family of Light Healing Centre
Forvo - the pronunciation guide
Global Psychics Resource Center
International New Age Trade Show (INATS) - Cropcircles translated
Light Party (health, peace and freedom for all)
Mystery Planet
Mystery School
New Civilization Network
Nibiruan Council
Niburu - Onthullend en Bewustmakend Nieuws
Nine Planets
Occult Advances
Peaceful Earth - Spiritual perspectives on Inner peace & world peace
SoulWork - Soul transformation, multidimensional awareness, distant healing - Something amazing every day
Spirit Dimension
Spirit Network
Start Spiritueel
Truth Contest - The Universal Truth of Life
The Great Illusion
The Order of Time
UCADIA model
Webspirit - New Age spiritual growth, eBooks
WorldLingo Online Translations
World Transformation
Zilch Game
Brussels Journal
Daily Kos
Deutsche Welle
France 24
Link TV - Your connection to the world
Wereldomroep - Radio Netherlands
Ancient Quest - Travel & tours
Axiom - the Prophets Conferences
Europa Park
Jungfrau Park
Lazarus Himalayan Retreats
Lindblad Expeditions
Power Places Tours


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