ESP Abilities

The are many ESP abilities and below I list some of them.

Automatic artwork:
Artworks created during mediumistic trance. These artworks are sometimes produced at great speed and invariably without the conscious awareness of the seer. Among spiritualists, it is often thought that a discarnate entity or spirit is working though the body of the artist, while psychologists regard the phenomena as a state of mental dissociation leading to manifestations from the unconscious mind. Examples in recent times include the automatic drawings of Austin Osman Spare and surrealist works by such artists as Andre Masson and Max Ernst.

Automatic writing:
Writing executed by a medium while in a trance or altered state of consciousness. Occultists believe automatic writing is the product of communication with a spiritual being; psychical researchers believe it emanates from the writer's own subconscious, or perhaps through ESP.

The writer is usually unaware of what is being written. Typically the process is much faster than ordinary handwriting and the script is larger and more expansive. Automatic writers have also produced mirror script and backwards writing, starting from the bottom right of the page and finishing at the top left. At the height of spiritualism automatic writing was common in seances, where it was adopted as a superior method of communicating with the dead than rappings or using a planchette.

It's the psychic ability to hear voices and sounds of the deceased.

It's the psychic ability to sense that something significant is about to happen.

It's the psychic ability to see discarnate beings and spirits. Sometimes the term is also used to describe the visionary perception of future events. Clairvoyance is a resemblance to astral projection.

To experience a tunnel effect as one leaves the physical body in an astral projection.

Concordant Automatism:
A message comming through a medium from an etheric world intelligence in automatic writing, with words of similar sound repeated one after another until the intelligence comes into agreement with his/her message.

Direct writing:
In spiritualism, a situation at a seance where a discarnate entity appears to use and direct the faculties of the psychic medium - in this case communicating written messages by "guiding the pen."

To write or paint spontaneously while in deep hypnotic state.

The anziety resulting in an inability to sleep because one does not like the dreams that occur.

To recall memories of places, names or experiences of former lives without a hypnotherapy session.

The act of rising the human body, or any other physical object, into the air without physical means. It has been claimed that levitation (a form of PK) may be caused by mental concentration and will power. It is also a paranormal ability abscribed to certain psychics, trnace mediums, and fakirs. The best-documented case in modern times has been that of Daniel Dunglas Home, who is said to have levitated out of a third-floor window at the residence of Lord Adare in London in 1868.

From the Greek meta (after) and gnomon (knower), it is a form or subdivision of Clairvoyance, in this case seeing future events when in a hypnotic trance; divination by mesmerism.A relatively modern Mantic art, metagnomy began in the mid-nineteenth century and was originally used for diagnosing diseases and prescribing cures.

The knowledge a person may have of another person's future thoughts, or of future events.

To psychically perceive flashes of one's past incarnations.

Diagnostic technique of determining the characteristics of people who are not present, by means of objects that have been in their possession. The practitioner might use a personal object such as a watch, a ring, or other jewellery, and hold the object with the eyes closed, in order to receive psychic impressions of its owner.

Psychokinesis (PK):
In parapsychology, the paranormal ability to move physical objects through the powers of the mind.

To perceive psychic information regarding past events in this life or another life via clairvoyance.

Trance Medium:
One who communicates with an etheric world intelligence (dimensional being) and performs physical/psychic phenomena.

In parapsychology, the movement of physical objects without a physical cause. The term telekinesis is used when this paranormal phenomenon manifests spontaneously; where it is consciously willed to occur it is referred to as psychokinesis.

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