Auric Colors

            Auric colors represent life and liberate people from black and white thinking and feelings. The colors of the Aura are like the colors of the rainbow, and their combination is infinite. People who have the ability to see the Aura in color sometimes have a different view on the meanings of the colors involved. That's because each person that they see has his or her own unique characteristics in the auric body and the energy field (aura) changes all the time.

The interpretation below is a brief description of some of the auric colors. It should only be taken as a point of reference and not in a literal way.

Black If it appears in various layers of the aura, it can indicate damage to either the emotions, self-esteem or organs.
Gray This color normally represents depression, which is a suffocation of energy.
Brown Amber - it shows the courage that a person has when being tested.
Brown orange - it represents careless attitude.
Copper - it indicates a connection with the earth's minerals.
Chocolate brown - it denotes an affinity with Nature.
Dark brown - it reflects common sense.
Purple Imperial purple - it's the color of Spiritual Awakening.
Lavender - it's the color of developing psychic abilities.
Lilac - it's the color of spiritual balance.
Magenta - it's the color of adaptation and/or integration.
Mauve - it's the color of humility.
Violet - it's the color of Spiritual Wisdom.
Blue Indigo - it's the color of psychic abilities.
Navy blue - it indicates an evaluation of ethics.
Pale blue - it's the color representing energized emotions or imagination.
Sky blue - it represents the unconscious intuition that a person has.
Green Apple green - it's the healing force of a new life.
Bright green - it represents the friendly nature of a person.
Dark green - it reflects mental stress.
Emerald green - it indicates a release of stress through practical wisdom.
Jade - it's the color of charity and self-sacrifice.
Lime - it's the color of a deceitful person.
Olive green - it reflects the distrust that a person has.
Sage - It indicates spiritual growth through the awareness of other realities.
Yellow In general yellow represents the intellect of a person.
Butter - it reflects that a person is mentally focused on a problem.
Golden yellow - it reflects the evolvement of the mind to a higher level of awareness.
Mustard - this color represents the mind games that a person plays in order to deceive others. It's normally around lime color.
Pale yellow - it reflects that a person is a dreamer with no results.
Primrose yellow - it indicates new learning.
Gold It is the color of the highest degree of evolvement. This color is used in representing holy people such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, saints and others. It is said that when a child is born it has a golden halo as the child hasn't yet been influenced by any man-made doctrine.
Orange In general orange represents the balance of mental and physical states.
Apricot - it represents gentle expressions.
Orange-red - it reflects a weak will.
Orange-yellow - it reflects excessive thinking.
Red In general red represents quick temper, aggression or anger.
Bright pink - it's the color of lust or seduction.
Dusty pink - it reflects immaturity.
Pink - it's the color of Universal Love.
Scarlet red - It reflects an egocentric personality.
Silver It represents the guide energy from higher entities such as Spirit Guides.
White It represents the purification of the mind, body and spirit.

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