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They came to a round hole in the sky. This the Raven said, was a star.
- Eskimo creation myth

            UFO is a generic term we use to describe something that we can see but can't identify. In general people refer to these as of alien origin. But this assumption creates confusion among those who know more or less of what they are seeing. To eliminate confusion, we must first understand the differences between UFOs which may be natural, man-made or of extraterrestrial origin.

The first one is in relation to the natural phenomena manifested on this planet or the Universe. It may be due to unusual movements of stellar objects from the sky we presently know, or something new due to the deterioration of the ozone layer, or something very ancient which we just discovered but we don't understand its origins. Examples of these are unusual formations of clouds, meteors, comets, eclipses, the birth of a new star in the sky, extreme or strange weather conditions, and so forth. However, the unidentified man-made objects are in reference to technological advancements such as satellites, planes, or naval vessels. Many of these advancements are created within the defense industry which is always a step ahead of everyone. On the other hand, objects of extraterrestrial origin create a controversy within the human consciousness, as many people find it hard adapting to the changes of reality. Most people debate the existence of intergalactic life which may have technology based on different scientific concepts. At the same time many people feel this is a threat to their own moral code, which may not be compatible with those from another solar system.

The identification of each unexplained object is more in reference to our awareness, knowledge and education. The more of these we have, the more we'll be able to identify each UFO. For the purpose of this page, I'll explain certain characteristics of objects of extraterrestrial origin.

From all nonterrestrial UFOs, 50 percent of the cases are actually USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects). From the documented UFO cases, many start and return in water environments (lakes, seas and oceans). If they are chased by the "usual suspects" from the Defense Department/Ministry, then most likely their escape route is into space.

UFO experiences of nonterrestrial origin are referred to as encounters. Since there are many variations of UFO reports, there are also many classification systems. The most popular one was created by Dr. J. Allan Hynek (who participated in the Grudge Project and who headed Project Blue Book) and his system is based on the distance from the object. This is as follows:

Objects over 166.5m (~500 feet) away:

Nocturnal lights - a simple UFO sighting seen at night.
Daylight disc(s) - a UFO sighting during daylight.
Radar visual sightings.

Objects 166.5m (~500 feet) and closer:

Close Encounters of the 1st kind (CE1) - the sighting of a mysterious object.
Close Encounters of the 2nd kind (CE2) - the sighting of a UFO which leaves some form of physical evidence, such as scorched earth due to some form of radiation or the landing of the object.
Close Encounters of the 3rd kind (CE3) - this occurs when during a sighting we briefly see an entity.
Close Encounters of the 4th kind (CE4) - this occurs when an abduction of the witness takes place.
Close Encounters of the 5th kind (CE5) - in this type of sighting a direct contact or communication takes place between the entity and the person witnessing this.

Here is how NASA looks at EBEs:

An important factor about UFOs is that this is a physical phenomena. The number of reported cases to government agencies or specialized organizations is increasing every year and investigating each case takes a long time. Investigations into certain sightings have proved them to be hoaxes perpetuated by people seeking fame or fortune, and this in turn discredits many legitimate cases. However, discreditation may be intentional through the creation of a diversion from the reality taking place. These types of diversions are further explained in the Paradox chapter.

As previously stated, the number of UFO cases is on the increase. As a fact nobody knows their number as this is a global phenomena and in many cases people don't report or talk about this due to cultural or religious beliefs. In ancient times (AD 98) a Roman soldier described a UFO as a "burning shield that sparkled from the West and passed to the East." Similar descriptions were used throughout the history of mankind in describing the unexplained. During the religious oppression of the Inquisition these types of encounters were mainly interpreted as demonic or divine signs depending on the shape of the object and the light effect it created in the sky. When looking at the way our ancestors described things, we might smile, as it was quite primitive. But we have to keep in mind that in those days people didn't know anything about airplanes, cars, submarines, space crafts, computers, holograms, satellites, etc... The vocabulary of mankind is far more sophisticated than it was 200 years ago, and nowadays we have the ability to differentiate between a natural object and an artificial one.

Natural objects can usually be explained by astronomy or meteorology. But artificial objects have different characteristics than natural phenomena. First of all they are of different shapes. Man-made flying objects have a common characteristic such as eagle-shaped types with pointy noses. On the other hand, unidentified objects are mainly circular or elliptical, flat on bottom and domed on top with a metallic or light-reflecting surface. Other shapes such as triangular and cylindrical have been reported. One of the most noted observations of UFOs is that they have the ability to fly at enormous speeds in a fraction of a second - usually 16,000 km/h (~10,000 miles per hour) - in the atmosphere and can make sharp, right-angle turns. Other characteristics are that some change shape and size together with color, they are nondetectable on radar, and they create an electromagnetic interference that affects mechanical and electronic devices within a certain radius. These characteristics of UFOs cannot be explained by natural phenomena, and they are too technologically advanced (as far as we know) to be man-made, leaving one to conclude that some form of intelligence is guiding them. This intelligence is referred to by many as aliens.

However, apart from UFO sightings in the sky, another observation is the physical traces they leave behind. These traces are found at landing sites, and on humans and/or animals and plants.

Physical traces found at landing sites include the imprints left by the landing gear of the object which indicate tremendous pressure - great weight - generally found as 3 or 4 in number arranged in either a triangular or rectangular pattern. Apart from imprints, the soil in the landing area is often extremely dehydrated and unable to absorb water. UFO affected soil cannot support seed germination and plant life. These physical traces are in relation to close encounters of the 2nd kind.

In other encounters such as the 4th kind, physical evidence is of a very shocking nature as it leaves emotional, psychological and/or physical scars on a person(s). This type of experience is referred to as alien abduction. An abduction is basically kidnapping, which means a removal of a person(s) from his or her environment without consent to a location where a violation of the body takes place through medical or psychological procedures performed by nonhuman entities. The medical procedures performed on many abductees indicate that genetic material is being extracted for a purpose unknown to us. If this is true, then in a way it indicates a physiological exploitation of one species over another. But how much of this is true and how much is based on fear? To find out more, please see Supraterrestrial Intelligence Supraterrestrial Intelligence.

The side effects of an abduction include memory loss of the event and a disorientation of time. Another side effect can occur later through the recollection of the event(s) in the form of nightmares. The source of these nightmares can often be revealed through hypnotic regression, which often produces intense emotional reactions when the abductees recall their experiences. Apart from emotional shock, an abductee may also have certain unusual scars which indicate that some form of incision was made. Also, small objects of unknown origin may be found in certain parts of the body which are often strategically located near nerves; their location indicates that the implant(s) could not have been made through normal medical procedures. The scary side of implants is that these may be tracking devices used for the purpose of repetitive abductions.

Another type of close encounter of the 4th kind is the involvement of animals through what many people refer to as cattle mutilation. In this scenario certain organs of the cattle are surgically extracted and the carcass has no blood left. The soil where the carcass was left has no traces of blood either. According to the documented evidence so far, the incisions on the carcasses are so accurate that this could only have been made with laser technology which was virtually unheard of when these mutilations were first widely reported more than 35 years ago.

Medical procedures and technologies described by abductees are more advanced than those currently used by the medical community, and the number of questions outnumber the answers we receive. Questions of who (?) are they and what do they want (?) seem to some extent irrelevant. I think that we'll have to rephrase our questions as the answers we have so far don't fill too many blanks. The answer to the first two questions is not that difficult to reach, as through a simple guess we know that they belong to another species and their purpose might not be that different from ours. If we wish to understand more about this, then let's look briefly at ourselves. The history of mankind isn't just a fairy tale, but it consists of suffering and tragedies. A lot of blood was shed to try to bring Peace among nations. Among the human species there are so-called good and bad people. The difference between them is awareness and heart. The same may be true for other species from other solar systems. The driving force of the human species is wealth. When this changes, humans will work to better themselves and tragedies such as starvation, war, genocide and oppression will become ancient history.

The general impression of alien species is mainly one of horror. That's because of doctrination through government denial, science fiction and our inability to comprehend the fact that we are not alone. But looks can be deceiving. So let's rephrase our questions - From where do they come? What are their intentions? Are we (each one of us) ready to meet an alien species that doesn't look human or like any other creature on earth? If we think that all alien species look just like us, then we are very ignorant of Nature as our planet alone has millions of species of flora and fauna that we don't know much about. The answer to the first question is quite mixed, just like the Universe. Some scientists already theorized that at least 5 nonterrestrial species are visiting this planet. That means that their technology might be advanced or based on different concepts. Their intentions might be friendly or hostile. How can we differentiate between a friendly (good) species and a hostile one? In life, simple things are often the best. We should first look inside the person before judging the outside appearance. If we have a close encounter of the 5th kind, and if the entity involved sends so-to-speak good vibes which make us feel at peace and doesn't harm us, then we shouldn't fear the appearance. We should follow our Inner Sense and not what people say.

Throughout my research into alien species, which was done through the analysis of both ancient and modern historical facts on close encounters of the 5th kind, I have concluded that the species that made contact so far have common physiological characteristics to the human species. That is that they all have an abdomen, 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 neck and a head. The physical proportions of these vary from species to species - obviously due to the environment and location of their home planet. Apart from physiological characteristics that an alien species has, reports indicate that they have psychic abilities which allow them to read our thoughts and communicate through telepathy. Aliens are also referred to as "mind scanners."

The number of species visiting this planet is unknown. So far reports from various encounters indicate that some of these species or humanoids originate from Pleiades (Plejares), Orion, Sirius, Zeta-Reticula, Lyra, Vega, Alpha Draconis, and Arcturus. The first 3 locations have long been known, as the ancients of Sumer, Egypt, India and the Americas mentioned these. The "grays", whom many consider to be responsible for the abductions of numerous humans, are thought to be the Zeta-Reticula, and are said to be very thin, short in height (similar to children) with gray skin/complexion, no hair, with large ovoid-shaped heads and large black eyes. They might look scary to humans, but if they didn't leave the abductee in emotional shock then their reputations might be different.

Another strange phenomenon related to UFOs is crop circles Crop Circles. These are strange formations of symbols unlike any other on earth that appear in open fields. Their name is given due to the circular depression or bending within a crop. A strange characteristic about this is that the plants themselves are flattened at the base in a spiral pattern and none of them are broken. An interesting observation was made by Australian scientists who discovered that domestic animals of farmers feel uncomfortable near a crop circle due to some kind of high-pitched sound. This discovery lead certain scientists to dismiss the notion that crop circles are man-made hoaxes. So far apart from exposing that some crop circles are hoaxes, the origin of this phenomenon is still a mystery. They appear in many countries and nobody knows the meaning of them. Their discovery basically coincided with the invention of the airplane. But their existence could be far more ancient than we think. Could these symbols be related in any way to those found in the Nazca desert in southern Peru?

To read a firsthand account of an alien abduction please click the icon below The Alien Abduction: A First-Person Account.

The Alien Abduction: A First-Person Account

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