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Beginning the Treatment:

Move in gently. Let the hands rest gently on the shoulders, make your connection and ask that whatever happens be for the highest good of the person you are about to treat.

During all the tratment positions your fingers should be together, and your hands resting gently on the person receiving. No presure is necessary and the weight of your hands is not too much.

Positions From Behind the Head:


The first 3 head positions all treat the pituitary and pineal glands and the brain:

OVER EYES Hands over the eyes, thumbs together over the bridge of the nose.
This treats the eyes, sinuses, 3rd eye and how we "see" life.
SIDE OF HEAD Only last joints of outer 2 fingers are over the ear.
Ears, inner ear balance, L-R brain balance, optic nerve from side.
BACK OF HEAD Cupping occipital lobe with little fingers touching beneath head.
This may trigger past memories from this life and others.
COLLAR BONES From top of shoulder, across collar bones, fingers pointed to center of chest.
This covers the area where the lymphatic system drains over the collar bones and upper chest.


THROAT Fingers overlapped, hands resting against collar bones and jaw.
Physical throat, larynx, esophagus, trachea, throat chakra, thyroid.
"Speaking your truth."

Torso Possitions: Front of body.


RIBS 2 hands parallel over ribs, from mid-line of the body out.
Liver, gall bladder, "anger" and "bitterness."
RIBS 2 2 hands parallel over ribs, from mid-line of the body out.
Spleen, pancreas and stomach, "obsession," "sweetness of life" and "how we digest life."
LOW WAIST 1 hand in front of other acreoss the waist.
Intestines, "how we assimilate" life.
LOW ABDOMEN 1 hand in front of other across lower abdomen.
Ileocaecal valve, where the large and small intestine come together, bladder, uterus.


HEART 1 hand mid-line on chest, the other overlapping slightly, perpendicular and extending toward the left.
Heart center, thymus gland, physical heart, lungs and chest.
4th chakra where the lower 3 and upper 3 meet, where we move out of time and space.
The seat of the Soul.
KNEES 1 hand on each knee.

Back Positions: The back is about support, physically and emotionally.


SHOULDER BLADES From side, 1 hand on each.
CENTER OF BACK 1 hand in front of the other, will do this position all down the back, alternating which hand is in front if you wish, to save strain on your shoulders.
ADRENALS - This is a first aid point for any stress in the body.
"Emotional support."
WAIST Right across the waist.
TOP OF HIPS Move us forward in our life (along with legs).
"Financial support."


TOP OF SHOULDERS Either from head of table of side, one hand on top of each shoulder.
"Where we bear our burdens."
KIDNEYS Our bodies filtering system, where we respond to criticism and shame, also failure and great loss in our lives.
Just below the adrenals and above waist.
ACROSS TAIL BONE Our survival level.
FEET Center of palms across instep of foot as it meets ball of foot.
Where we connect with earth.
NECK TO TAIL BONE One hand on back of neck, other on base of spine.
Sends energy the length of the spine.

End Treatment: With light stroking movements to the back and lightly brushing the length of the body.

OR: By doing "Nerve Strokes" index finger on one side of the spine, 2nd finger on other.
Make 5 or more firm, sharp strikes from neck to spine.

For detailed illustrations of the Reiki Hand Positions, please click here Reiki Hand Positions Illustrations.

Give Reiki with joy and love. Don't be too concerned with exact hand positions. Cover the "territory."

Listen to listen to your hands and intuition. Honor them. Trust this energy, it is of the highest intelligence.

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Sheila is a teaching Reiki Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing and member of The Reiki Alliance The Reiki Alliance. Her practice is in Portand, Oregon, USA. She travels to teach wherever classes are organized.

She may be contacted by e-mail at or by calling (503) 670-8150.

Suggested books: Complete Book of Reiki Healing by Muller and Gunther Complete Book of Reiki Healing and Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art.

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