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           Welcome to the TranceFormations page! This section features advanced Internet technologies, and to view this new section you'll need at least a 56K Internet connection. Your system should be at least a 1 GHz Pentium III (or equivalent) with 64 MB RAM. Recommended screen resolution is 1024x768 at 24 bit or 32 bit.

In addition to this hardware, you'll also need a Java-enabled browser and the plug-ins listed in the table below. If you can view the Diamond button below the text, you already have the Flash 7 plug-in installed. To see if you have Shockwave and VRML plug-ins click here to TEST Shockwave and VRML. Lastly, if you can view the title of this page, you have Java installed - skip the rest of this page.

To fully view this section you'll need all of the plug-ins listed below, though most (Java is not installed on Windows XP) are already installed on newer PC systems (you probably need to download them if you have a Mac). This section may be updated periodically to reflect new additions to TranceFormations.

If you can't view the title on this page, then you'll need to upgrade your browser or get a new one from Microsoft or Opera. Please NOTE that we DO NOT recommend the use of the Netscape 6 or Opera 4-6 (version 7.x is safe), due to their non-compliance with Shockwave and certain other high-tech plug-ins.

You may download the Java plug-in from the Sun Microsystems or Apple Web site. Below are the hyperlinks you may need according to operating system.

So, if you're ready, Turn ON the Sound, Sit Back and EXPERIENCE....

Attention Netscape users:
As of 2001 AOL Time Warner has discontinued technical support for Netscape Navigator. In other words Netscape Navigator has been discontinued, and the use of this browser is mainly for sentimental reasons. However, in 2005 AOL Time Warner re-released Netscape as version 8. Since this version is no longer using a unique browser-rendering engine, it's now considered to be a "hybrid" browser. This version is using two browser-rendering engines built in: the Mozilla Firefox engine and the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine.
n alternative to Netscape Navigator is Mozilla Firefox v1.5.

The source for Java technology

Java plug-in for Windows
Java plug-in for Windows

Java plug-in for Mac
Java plug-in for Macintosh


Adobe/Macromedia Shockwave/Flash plug-ins Adobe/Macromedia Shockwave 10.1.1 (3D) and Flash 8.0
Cortona VRML plug-in Cortona VRML 5.1 Alternative VRML plug-ins are also available at Cortona VRML for Mac 1.1 for PowerPC.
Please NOTE that this plug-in is currently not available for the new Mac Intel. Current plug-ins will work in Rosetta emulation mode.

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